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All shared datastores failed on the host

  Sometimes post creating a new cluster or after re-configuring the existing cluster you might get an error on ESXi “All shared datastores failed on the host”  this can happen to you very often if you are running on HPE StoreVirtual VSA. Please follow the below steps to fix this error: 1.     At the very onset, Reconfigure the HA for the cluster. Disable and re-enable HA on Cluster Level or Right Click Host and select Reconfigure for vSphere HA. 2.     If the error still persists, then follow the next steps. 3.     Make sure you migrate all the VMs manually on the other host if the DRS is disabled on the cluster. 4.     If you have any VM running on ESXi local Datastore like HPE StoreVirtual Appliance (VSA) or Backup Proxy VM, ensure to gracefully shut them down. (For How to shutdown HPE VSA gracefully follow this KB ) 5.     Now, put the host in Maintenance Mode. 6.     Right Click Host and Remove from Inventory 7.     After the host is removed, Right Click on the cluster and click A