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VMUG German UserCon 2024 is coming!

  Get ready to join us at the VMUG German UserCon in Frankfurt Kap Europa on April 25th! It's a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow members of the VMUG community. We can't wait to meet you in person and share insights, experiences, and of course, some VMUG Berlin merchandise! Don't forget to grab your exclusive VMUG Berlin stickers sponsored by Sticker Mule. Register now for this must-attend event and secure your spot. Here are the details: 🗓️ Date: Thursday, April 25th 🕘 Time: 9:00 a.m. 🏢 Venue: Kap Europa, Frankfurt am Main Register here: Let's make this event unforgettable together! See you there! Team VMUG Berlin @BerlinVMUG

Save Your MyLearn Transcripts Before It's Too Late!

Heads up , VMware Learners! Broadcom is set to unveil a brand new learning platform during the week of May 6, signalling the end of an era for MyLearn. But fear not, we've got important dates you'll want to mark on your calendar to ensure you don't lose any valuable course completion data: April 19 :This marks the final day to wrap up any VCF Instructor-Led Classes on MyLearn. Be sure to complete any outstanding courses before this deadline to avoid missing out. May 5 : Say goodbye to MyLearn as we know it. May 5 will be your last chance to save your myTranscript course completion data. After this date, head over to the myTranscript tab and take a screenshot of your course completion data. This step is crucial to retain a record of your accomplishments and progress within the platform. Transitioning to a new learning platform can bring about exciting opportunities, but it's essential to safeguard your existing transcripts and course data. By taking action before the dea

VMware End-of-Life Updates

As a user of VMware (VMware by Broadcom), it's crucial to stay informed about the latest End of Life (EOL) updates to ensure smooth operations and compliance with platform changes. Here's a rundown of the upcoming EOL dates and actions you need to take: April 30 EOL Updates: Cloud Partner Navigator and Usage Data Download: The ability to access Cloud Partner Navigator and download any usage data will be discontinued after 11:59 PM PDT on April 30. Make sure to retrieve any necessary data before this date. VMware Cloud Services Provider Transacting Ability: VMware Cloud Services Providers will no longer be able to transact under the VMware Partner Connect Program after April 30. If you're a Cloud Services Provider, ensure that any pending transactions are completed before the deadline. Cloud Services Provider – SaaS Program: The Cloud Services Provider – SaaS Program, formerly known as MSP Program, will reach its EOL on April 30. Take necessary actions to wrap up any ongoin