How to Change Hostname, IP, or DNS on vRealize Operations Manager appliance 6.x\7.x\8.x


Recently I had to perform rename of a few virtual appliances according to new naming conventions adopted by the organization. Going down the list I had my vROPS 8.0 to be renamed which is a VMware Photos OS appliance.

Here, I bring you a simple way to rename or change your hostname, IP, Netmask, Gateway, or DNS of your VMware appliances using just one command:

1.    First and foremost, Login to vROPS admin console and bring the cluster offline.

2.    SSH into your appliance using root.

3.    Copy and paste the below command to open the vami config tool- /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_config_net

4.    Choose option 0 to show current configurations or directly Choose Option 3 to change Hostname

5.    Enter new Hostname and reboot

6.    You may also choose other options such as changing DNS, Gateway or IP as per your requirement.

If you rename the hostname, I recommend performing a Storage vMotion
which renames the folder and files of the associated appliance accordingly.

This procedure can be used with other photon OS or VMware appliances.

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