VMware End-of-Life Updates

As a user of VMware (VMware by Broadcom), it's crucial to stay informed about the latest End of Life (EOL) updates to ensure smooth operations and compliance with platform changes. Here's a rundown of the upcoming EOL dates and actions you need to take:

April 30 EOL Updates:

  • Cloud Partner Navigator and Usage Data Download: The ability to access Cloud Partner Navigator and download any usage data will be discontinued after 11:59 PM PDT on April 30. Make sure to retrieve any necessary data before this date.

  • VMware Cloud Services Provider Transacting Ability: VMware Cloud Services Providers will no longer be able to transact under the VMware Partner Connect Program after April 30. If you're a Cloud Services Provider, ensure that any pending transactions are completed before the deadline.

  • Cloud Services Provider – SaaS Program: The Cloud Services Provider – SaaS Program, formerly known as MSP Program, will reach its EOL on April 30. Take necessary actions to wrap up any ongoing activities related to this program.

  • VMware Partner Connect Portal and VMware Partner Locator: Access to the VMware Partner Connect Portal and VMware Partner Locator will cease after April 30. Plan accordingly and find alternative resources for partner collaboration and networking.

May 31 EOL Updates:

  • Partner Rewards Portal: The Partner Rewards Portal will be reaching its final EOL on May 31. Note that the final claim deadline for this portal is April 15. Ensure that any pending claims are submitted before the deadline.

Additional Information:

VMC/VMCU Credits Redemption: All VMware Cloud (VMC) and VMware Cloud Universal (VMCU) custom-skinned credits must be fully utilized by April 30, 2024. These credits will not be migrated to the new credit portal experience. Any unused credits after April 30 will only apply to available VMCU products going forward. Work closely with your customers to utilize these credits before the deadline, including generic SPP credits.

Keeping track of these EOL updates and taking timely action is essential to ensure a seamless transition and continued support from VMware. Stay vigilant and proactively address any pending tasks to avoid disruptions in your operations.

Remember, staying informed is the key to staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.


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